The original soundtrack box

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer soundtrack box

The Age of Conan games are based on the fantasy series Conan the Barbarian created by Robert E. Howard, and developed by the Norwegian company Funcom. The magnificent soundtrack for the original game: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was composed by award-winning composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen, and was released in May 2008 on Grappa Musikkforlag. Both the game and its score have already received an overwhelming reception and good reviews, and it's reported that the game tops the charts across Europe and USA.

Now the sequel, Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, is here and once again Avenstroup Haugen is the man behind the music.

Avenstroup Haugen has composed, orchestrated and produced the soundtrack. The delectable far eastern score features the distinguished Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, a huge taiko-drum ensemble and world-class ethnic soloists; among them some true masters of traditional Chinese instruments.

The music was recorded in full 5.1 surround sound in the legendary AIR Lyndhurst Hall, Angel studios and Smecky studios.

The bonus DVD contains all tracks in full 5.1 DTS and AC3 audio, MP3 versions of all tracks, trial clients for the game as well as unique art media from the game that is being displayed as the music plays. In addition to this the soundtrack also contains an in-game bone flute for Age of Conan, which is only available with this box.

Making the music